Vue Multiselect Single Deselect Problem

Hi there!

I was getting an error when I try to remove single selection on Vue Multiselect dropdown.

To solve this problem, I’ve created a mixin.

I called the multi-select component like that;

        :custom-label="({senderName}) => senderName"
        @remove="(val) => removeSelect('smsSender')"
        @input="(val) => inputSelect(val, 'smsSender')"

This was my global mixin. Because I used multi-select component multiple times.

export const multiSelectDeselect = {
    data() {
        return {

    created() {
    methods: {
        setDeselect(data) {
            return data[0] ? data : [];


I returned data like above because data[0] is null when you try to hit enter to remove the selection. If data[0] is null, the multi-select component will fire an error.

I used like that;


That’s all. I hope this will help you šŸ™‚