Spotify Authentication with JavaScript

Hi guys. In this post I will show how to use Spotify API with JavaScript. So this post will be about Spotify Authentication with JavaScript. In last post I wrote about Parcel.

Spotify Authentication with JavaScript


Spotify Authentication with JavaScript

Before you guys, you have to create a simple spotify app to get client_id on Spotify Developer portal. If you have already a Spotify account don’t worry. If you dont have an account, you have to register. Okay we’re gonna open dashboard.  After that we’re gonna click New App area. These are simple steps. After create app, you’ll see your very
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DOM Parsing with VanillaJS

Hi. In this post I’ll talk about DOM Parsing. As you know jQuery allows manipulate html strings. In last post I wrote about Guid.

DOM Parsing

DOM Parsing with VanillaJS

JavaScript has experimental technology. You can read on MDN. I’ll show DOMParser class. This class be able to manipulate strings as DOM elements. For example you sent ajax request. After that you got response that includes html. Let’s say we want to use an event with that code’s element. Comment form should be best example.

I published JavaScript Guid Generator

Hi. I published JavaScript Guid Generator on Github.

JavaScript Guid Generator

If you’re interested in C#, maybe you know C# has built-in Guid class and its generator method. I can say, guid isn’t random chars. Guid is designed to be unique. Which means, guid isn’t random.  This isn’t my thought, also microsoft’s employee wrote a post.

Guid Format

Guids are looks like this:

Custom List Implementation with CollectionBase

Hi. In this post I’ll show how to implement custom list in C#. Custom List Implementation with CollectionBase will be so easy.


Before Starting

Maybe you should check this link to get some informations.

Let inherit the CollectionBase Class. In this example we will use its members.

Create New Class with CollectionBase

I created a class like this.

If you know Generics you’ll understand why I used Type. This class will have some methods. Let’s start coding.

Return the Instance as an array

If you have used lists
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Golang Get Struct Tag Values

Golang Gopher

Hi. In this post I’ll show how can get struct tag values in Golang. Firstly, very simple don’t be afraid.

Let’s start. Before starting, this post will show you reflection package’s a little part.

Import Reflection Package

Let’s suppose we have struct like this to create database columns. Our scenario is about ORM’s table generator: