New Journey Begins

Today, was my last day at Aybit Technology. There have been many projects that I have touched on in 6 years.

This was the first job I got. Before that, I was an intern there. It took about 2 months.

I had no idea about becoming a full-stack web developer. I didn’t know where to start or what to do. My boss suggested that I develop web applications. This was the first moment about my career path.

I Met People

I met new friends, some friends found new jobs and left us. Some friends such as Burak stayed there. Such as me 🙂

I Developed

We develop great projects, we learned new technologies and we used them, and even we were using them while I’m quitting my job.

We were free to choose the tech stack. We designed, we built, we released.

Throughout these whole years, we learned many new things. I developed many endpoints that integrated 3rd party services.

We were using one of them for 3 years without any bugs. (As far as we know).

We developed many internal tools with our ideas. I developed an internal management tool that connects various databases such as MSSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

That management interface had abilities such as creating new cron jobs on a remote Linux server.

I Learned

I was using Git before getting my internship, I set up a GitLab instance first time here. We had many projects there and it is still in use.

I knew about Jenkins but I didn’t use it for production. I have never used it. I just knew.

I took responsibility and set up a new Jenkins instance. Our important projects were distributed from there.

I learned how Linux works (I’m not perfectly capable of a Linux server. But I learned many new things)

I learned to take responsibility

Before I get this job, I wasn’t a social person much. Whole these years, I had to contact our support team or customers according to some serious reasons. I gained new skills in social life

I learned and teach how to make a joke 😛

Where Do I Go Now

Enuygun is the next station in my career. I hope everything goes well and I meet new friends there. Things should go nicely for me as before. I believe that I’ll be learning new things and I’ll be unlocking new achievements. Time will tell what will happen 🙂

Thanks to everyone who made me a prank master 😛