I published JavaScript Guid Generator

Hi. I published JavaScript Guid Generator on Github.

JavaScript Guid Generator

If you’re interested in C#, maybe you know C# has built-in Guid class and its generator method. I can say, guid isn’t random chars. Guid is designed to be unique. Which means, guid isn’t random.  This isn’t my thought, also microsoft’s employee wrote a post.

Guid Format

Guids are looks like this:


For example you’ll use this class with a button click event. Our example should be like this:

JavaScript Guid Generator on Github

I published this simple class on Github. Actually there are similar code snippets everywhere. But I published a class on Github as a repository.

You can see on Github: https://github.com/aligoren/Guid.JS

Live Example

If you want to see example I published a pen.

Before this post I published post about Aurelia and Web API 2.

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