How are the Quarantine Days Going?

As you know, we’re in trouble COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of people died because of COVID-19. This highly heart breaker. Nowadays, worldometers becoming my best web site to visit. I don’t want to talk about death rates. There are people who lost their relatives.

What Did We Do?

As a software company, we’ve decided to work remotely. This was what should we do. My teammates and I working as usual. Let’s be honest, first 2-3 days were hardest for me.

How Do I Work?

I couldn’t focus because of my neighbors and family. I have a good headphone which prevents external sounds.

I’m dividing workday in two. The first piece takes about 4 hours. The first piece starts at 08:00 and ends off at 12:00.

The last piece takes about 5 hours. One hour of the last piece is about testing.

I’m developing our CRM using Vue.js, .NET Core Web API and JWT. We’re using Google’s hangouts product to meetings.

What Else About Work?

I’ve started to learn English again. Because my English grammar isn’t well. It was hard for me to write this post choosing the right words.

I couldn’t watch movies regularly. I couldn’t read a book. This pandemic affected to me. I hope humanity overcomes this epidemic.

I Made a Cake

I’m not good at things like cake, except home cooking. You can see my tweets 🙂

You can see the first part of the cake.

The last part of the second part of the cake is there 🙂