I Released ShortApp

Hi everyone! I published an application called ShortApp. ShortApp is a web application that is used to redirect application URLs on various platforms through a single URL. You can also download a QR Code as PNG or SVG formats. Project Page: https://shortapp.link I hope this project will help you 🙂

Renaming File Names That Contains Date

Hi there. I have a lot of files contains date format in their name. I wanted to remove that dates from that files. I wrote this bash script. You can use this script. It works 🙂 Btw, customize it for yourself.

Remove Header Info from Response in Asp.NET Web API 2

To solve this issue, there are few ways but I used these two; Global.asax.cs I added these lines to remove server and asp.net version in Application_EndRequest blocks. Web.config The other thing we wanted to remove was X-Powered-By header. I added these XML lines into the system.webServer section That’s all 🙂

Structuring Data Types in Rust

  Hi everyone. Before that, I wrote a post called A Slice of Rust: Working with the Slice Type. Today I’ll try to explain the structs in Rust Before starting, I’ll create a project with cargo; cargo new defining_and_instantiating_structs cd defining_and_instantiating_structs Introduction Have you worked with C like languages before? For example C’s itself or …