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~~I’m gonna something write here, not yet today. Maybe tomorrow.. :)~~

I’m Ali, I live in Gebze. I work as a fullstack developer at Atilim Yazilim for one year (I started working after graduation)

I have some skills about web developing especially JavaScript. I can write Vanilla JS with ES6 standarts. I’m still using jQuery. Because of we’ve legacy codes. I love writing JavaScript, Python .

I used these technologies:

in web development

  • Front End:
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS
  • jQuery
  • Vanilla JS
  • Bootstrap
  • PureCSS
  • Backend:
  • PHP
  • Asp.NET MVC / WebForms
  • Python (Just a hobby)
  • MySQL / MSSQL / MongoDB / PostgreSQL

in desktop development (about 7-8 years ago)

  • Desktop:
  • C# / WinForms with DevExpress (in Windows)
  • Vb.NET / WinForms with DevExpress


I like classical music. I like physics, even if I don’t understand. As you can see, My English isn’t very good. I’m trying to improve it.


Github: https://github.com/aligoren

Facebook: https://fb.com/aligren