17.12.2021 – Summary of the day

Today wasn’t bad. We had a meeting. This was about our new project.

Anyway, we’re trying to a new approach to developing our project. I believe that the new approach will help us.

I also found a new Jazz Legend ­čÖé He wasn’t a new legend, but for me.

It’s 18 minutes but I’m sure that you will not be bored.

Nowadays, we’re talking about inflation. The weak and baseless policies of the government against the exchange rate became our only topic at work.

I also found a friend from England. I think she and her husband are very kind people. This got me a little emotional. There were people who were racist against us because we’re Turkish.

In addition, one of the important names for the Turkish economy also criticized the government. I think this is an important point. Because this person was a person who supported the government before.

As the Turkish people, we are going through a difficult period. It’s bad for us that old people want to vote for people who manage us badly. However, the next generation is smart enough not to continue this mistake.

I also have a plan to watch The Witcher.


But I don’t have any idea when…

That’s all for now