I Released ShortApp

Hi everyone! I published an application called ShortApp. ShortApp is a web application that is used to redirect application URLs on various platforms through a single URL. You can also download a QR Code as PNG or SVG formats. Project Page: https://shortapp.link I hope this project will help you 🙂

Renaming File Names That Contains Date

Hi there. I have a lot of files contains date format in their name. I wanted to remove that dates from that files. I wrote this bash script. You can use this script. It works 🙂 Btw, customize it for yourself.

Adım Adım Çevrimiçi Gizlilik ve Güvenlik

Çevrimiçi gizli ve güvende olduğunuzu düşünüyor musunuz? Öyle düşünüyorsanız,yanılıyorsunuz. Çevrimiçi gizlilik ve güvenlik belirli önlemler alındığında elde edilebilir. Google sadece bir arama motoru değildir. Google’ın ekosisteminde birçok hizmetbulunmaktadır: Bir e-posta hizmeti olarak Gmail, tarayıcı Google Chrome, bulut depolama alanıGoogle Drive, iletişim uygulaması Google Hangouts ve daha birçok uygulama… Google’ın birarama motorundan böyle büyük bir ekosisteme …

Remove Header Info from Response in Asp.NET Web API 2

To solve this issue, there are few ways but I used these two; Global.asax.cs I added these lines to remove server and asp.net version in Application_EndRequest blocks. Web.config The other thing we wanted to remove was X-Powered-By header. I added these XML lines into the system.webServer section That’s all 🙂

Structuring Data Types in Rust

  Hi everyone. Before that, I wrote a post called A Slice of Rust: Working with the Slice Type. Today I’ll try to explain the structs in Rust Before starting, I’ll create a project with cargo; cargo new defining_and_instantiating_structs cd defining_and_instantiating_structs Introduction Have you worked with C like languages before? For example C’s itself or …